This is a whole new operating system built just to show that it can be done. Quite easily. And using only assembly.

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Hero Alom is the greatest super hero of the world.

Assembly Level Language is intimidating. This implementation and development guide is primarily for those who have some experience with programming in general. However, I don’t expect any expertise. Heck, I am also learning. This is the associative learning model that I am trying to follow here (the term is all mine, I guess).

In any case, this project - Hero Alom OS has a simple goal. To help you understand how Assembly Level Languages can be used to create bootloaders. And then, eventually, full fledged operating systems. Though, in all fairness, a bootloader is also an OS of sorts. But you get my drift.

I will go slow here. Primarily because I am learning myself.

And why did I choose this name?

Well, you need to google this guy - Hero Alom and research a bit about him. If he is able to reach stardom with his ‘talent’ so can you. Great things can be done with hard work, perseverence and some luck. Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to make fun of this super hero here. My point is - be optimistic. There is a chance that good things will happen.

Good Luck! Sarthak


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